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Origin Story

Kraz first used the term "thoughtful viticulture" while presenting research findings at the 2014 New Zealand Winegrowers Romeo Bragato Conference. He used the term to make the point that successful viticulture, regardless of farming philosophy, requires a thoughtful strategy and understanding of how grapevines will respond to that strategy. He started Thoughtful Viticulture Ltd. shortly thereafter, using his extensive academic and research expertise to help the industry and his clients.

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Mark "Kraz" Krasnow PhD


Kraz received his doctorate in integrative crop plant physiology from UC Davis in 2004. Since then he has conducted research, taught, and offered consultancy services for the wine industry  globally. He formally established Thoughtful Viticulture in 2014

Dani McMillan

North Island Regional Manager

Dani completed the Charles Sturt University Bachelor of Viticulture and Wine Science in 2018. She's worked in the industry since 2017. Dani is passionate about driving more sustainable practices in the viticulture industry for the benefit of both growers and the environment.

*photo is of Dani's dog Pickles - he is not officially an employee of Thoughtful Viticulture, but he is a good boy

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