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All services are tailored to each client. Backed by a fundamental understanding of vine physiology, and years of scientific research in commercial vineyards, clients are provided with advice that is sustainable for both the environment and their operation.

buckwheat cover crop seedling
Irrigation & Water Management

Careful and thoughtful use of irrigation allows for vine development to be guided towards an end goal. Excessive irrigation wastes resources, creates work in the vineyard, and reduces wine quality. We always aim to irrigate as little and as infrequently as possible to avoid these issues. We advise on irrigation strategy and offer monitoring and irrigation scheduling recommendations in Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay, North Canterbury, and Central Otago.

Vineyard Consulting

We offer scientifically informed advice for all aspects of the vineyard, from site selection and vineyard design to day-to-day management advice. We specialise in tailoring management strategies for each site to increase vineyard efficiency, improve vine and soil health, and optimise wine quality.

Vineyard Development

You only get one chance to develop a vineyard, so doing things right the first time is crucial. Thinking things through at the outset is necessary to ensure a thriving vineyard. We offer assistance with site selection, soil analysis, vigour mapping, vineyard design and layout, and rootstock and clone selection.

Regenerative Agriculture

We believe that regenerative agriculture means more than just planting cover crops. We offer science-based advice on creating a long-term regenerative programme tailored for each vineyard site to enhance biodiversity, increase organic matter of soils, and to support a thriving ecosystem both above and below ground. 

Research & Development

We have been conducting research in vineyards aimed at improving wine quality, reducing chemical usage, and minimising  vineyard water footprints for over a decade. Our research has been funded by the New Zealand government, the wine industry, and private companies. Whether you're looking to dip a toe in the R&D space, or have a well established in-house R&D programme, we offer advisory services for all aspects of research and development. We          offer research assistance with in-field measurements in                                   Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay.

Precision Viticulture

Vineyard and block variability is inherent. Managing the whole block the same way preserves this variability, both in canopy growth and fruit quality. Ultra-premium wine demands uniform fruit ripeness, however. We offer vineyard vigour mapping services coupled with vineyard development and/or zonal management strategies to even out the variability and bring the fruit to uniformity, increasing wine quality.

cover crop mix
Pest & Disease Monitoring

Most companies that provide these services randomly monitor a vineyard for pest and disease assessment. We take a more thoughtful approach, using vigour mapping to monitor the areas where problems are likely to be found. This “canary in a coal mine” strategy allows managers to locate and be proactive about problems more quickly than a random assessment would. 


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